What an excellent Liverpool-based window fitting company! I believe 5 stars are not enough to explain their competence and customer care. The quality of my windows are impressive and the way Chris and Steve worked in my property was outstanding. I was concerned about changing a double glazing window in a bathroom which I just refurbished one year ago. I feared they could break the new tiles. Instead, they reassured me from the first visit to my house. Lee stated: We won’t break the tiles’. He seemed so confident and I was impressed. Steve and Chris worked perfectly on that window and on all the other windows. They also cleared the rubbish that roofer left behind in my property 2 years ago. It was not their job but they did it for me because they care very much about their customers. Chris also sealed 2 windows not properly sealed by a builder who did the extension last summer in my property and I was not charged for this! There are not enough words to recommend them. They are simply the best and I strongly advise you to go with them if you need to change your windows because they are over the top! I take this opportunity to thank Lee, Steve and Chris for the quality of their job and for their excellent customer service. I also attach you the photo of the new window in my bathroom. Tiles look even better than before. They seem just fitted!